History of Maple Heights
and the
Maple Heights City School District

1847– Ohio Teachers’ Association is formed

July 1915– Maple Heights is incorporated as a village

January 1932– Maple Heights reached city status

High School1920–Maple Heights High School is built (the oldest operating school in the district)

Stafford Elementary1930–Stafford Elementary is built (the oldest elementary school in the district)

Dunham Elementary1952–Dunham Elementary is built

Raymond Elementary1954–Raymond Elementary is built

Milkovich Middle School1956–East Junior High is built (later renamed Milkovich Middle School)

Rockside Elementary1957–Rockside Elementary is built

1964–West Junior High is built

1983–West Junior High is closed (knocked down in 2009 to make room for the new elementary schools)

2002–Maple Heights’ Teachers Strike (lasts 2 months)     Talks stop in Maple Heights teacher strike
2007–School levy Issue 8 and Issue 9 Pass

2008–Bond issue to build 5 new schools pass–Maple Heights Article about schools

2009–Former School board president Santina “Sandy” Klimkowski–Former Maple Heights school board President Santina
(other related article–9 people with ties to Maple Heights schools charged in corruption probe)
2010–Maple Heights wins regional and state championship (Perfect Season 15-0)–High school football

2011–March– 2 Ex-school officials sentenced in corruption–2 ex Maple Heights School Officials Sentenced
2011–June–Chris Krause of Maple Heights sentenced in corruption scandal

2011–August–The new Abraham Lincoln Elementary school (grades Pre-K thru 1st) opens and The new Milkovich Middle school (grades 6th thru 8th) opens by Stafford Park

2012–January–The new John F Kennedy Elementary school (grades 2nd and 3rd) and Barack Obama Elementary (grades 4th and 5th) opens