Once again June 5th is quickly approaching meaning that once again we will be ending another, hopefully, successful school year!

Not only will we be saying good-bye to the students but also a see ya’ to our co-workers.

What better way to say that by hanging out with them one last time at Gears and Cheers in Bedford.

That’s right MHTA’s T.G.I.O will be at

Gears and Cheers

23333 Aurora Road, Bedford Heights, OH 44146, USA

On Thursday June 5th.

Food will be served starting at 4pm

Cost $5.00 per person

Money and RSVP need to be sent to Mike Mazurkeiwicz at the High School

Plus there will be door prizes and a complimentary gift (courtesy of Tereasa Port and art students)

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Hope to see everyone there